Thursday, July 8, 2010

Peach Wrap

I love it when I can eat a dessert for a meal! And last night, I did just that! I needed to use some more of those luscious peaches that I have hanging around, and figured I'd try a wrap! So here's a simple recipe:

Peach Wrap (makes 2)
2 whole grain tortillas
4 Tbs Chocolate Fruit Dip
1 Peach
Handful nuts
Cinnamon to taste

So, I used a sprouted tortilla (again, I'll post on sprouting later), spread a little of yesterday's Chocolate Fruit Dip on it, layered on half the peach in slices, sprinkled with cinnamon and some nuts, and rolled away! You could also drizzle with honey for an extra sweet treat!

I tried it with almonds on one half, and macadamia nuts on the lower half. Honestly, I couldn't tell too much of a difference - they both added an enjoyable crunch! Either way, I got a good whole grain, some healthy fats, and some juicy fruit! Yummy To Go!


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