Monday, July 5, 2010

The Day After

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I was blessed with a 3-day weekend thanks to Independence Day! We drove up to visit my relatives in Cleveland - and what a beautiful place we got to see! My uncle took us out on his boat to Lake Erie - so so so peaceful as we got farther from shore and people! He sped us down the water ways, the wind whipping by, but it was so invigorating! Followed by stopping the boat, and just lulling to the waves (and a little bit of the Moody Blues concert could be over heard from a distance!) We also got to check out a national park (I love nature!), saw a small museum display of Lincoln memorabilia, climbed a waterfall, nibbled on wood sorrel ("God's candy!" One of those weeds that you can enjoy!), and relaxed with the relatives. And ate. And ate. Oh, and did I mention - lots of food?

Boy, did we over-indulge! Dave and I enjoyed the all-you-can-eat cornucopia that is always present at the grandparents' :) Three days, three huge meals, and dessert after breakfast?! Yep! Well, that's the love of a grandmother! Such love-filled food, how can you say no?

But, it was a splurge, and I am feeling the bloat today! Ah well, on ward and upward! "Never give up, never surrender"* the fight for good health! So it's back to a week of energy and fresh foods for me! And lots of water to try to help flush out the salty snacks of the weekend.

Just remember - no matter how rough the tumble from the bandwagon, it's always rougher to just lay there and let it run you over than to pick yourself up, smile for the fun foods and times you splurged on, and grab an apple to get you back on track :)

Lots of love - and no judgement of self :)

*Yes, I'm a dork. That's a quote from Galaxy Quest.

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