Thursday, July 29, 2010

My "Staycation"

Good morning! I am taking some time off of work for once - and NOT going anywhere or doing anything major.

I guess that has become termed a "staycation" when you just stay home.
But I am using it to get myself recharged and revamped. Work has been particularly tiresome lately, and I have had cabin fever brewing! I did not want my entire summer to get away from me without getting to enjoy some of it!

So yesterday, Dave and I took a mini-road trip to have dinner with my dad. Today I took a glorious run outside!

Four miles, high humidity, few people - perfect! And what made it extra perfect? I saw a family of deer crossing my path as I went! This beautiful doe walked out, followed by her two little fawns - fresh with the baby fuzz and white spots! I wished so badly that I had my camera! They didn't seem particularly scared by me. I slowed to a walk, and tried to approach. Of course, they didn't let me get TOO close, but probably within 5 feet or so! Then they just lazily continued across the path into the brush.

And what fantastic colors there are on the trails now! So many bright colored flowers have blossomed up and wave gently in the air! Lovely, lovely, lovely! So it was quite a rejuvenating run, and at the end I had my wonderful coconut water waiting (no chemical, artificially colored and sweetened sports drinks for me, thanks!) and I took my shoes off and did some stretching in the grass. (I really need to get myself a good portable mat.) I came home and made a "Blue-Green Power Smoothie." Quite an interesting drink, but rich in revitalizing potassium, replenishing coconut electrolytes, powerful proteins, and more!

So my goals for each day of my staycation: study, sweat, and snack on all natural foods!
(With maybe one splurge night at Dave's request...)

And do some relaxation/meditation in quiet, and of course have fun!

Don't forget to take time for yourself! With all the balls you juggle - family, job, classes, gym time, taking care of friends, dealing with housework or car repairs... you need to make sure you keep yourself healthy and energized! Slow down, take a few breaths, and take 15 minutes at least for yourself! I am spoiling myself with a full 5 days for me, but... well, I am blessed that I have that option right now :)

Love to you all! Take care!

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