Friday, July 9, 2010

My Spiral Slicer!

So a while back, I'd read about this cool kitchen gadget called a spiral slicer... and I HAD to have one! It may seem like a goofy novelty, and most likely, it is. But I love it!
It can serve many functions, but they all basically boil down to slicing food into rings or strands. But what I mainly use it for is cutting zucchini into spaghetti-like noodles. It's such a great replacement for pasta! Fresh, healthy produce with no processing! (I am not saying pasta is evil, per se, but just offering a fresh alternative!)
So Dave and I spiral-sliced a whole plate of zucchini, and threw in a little carrot for fun! The texture is a little crisper than pasta, but Dave has admitted that - despite his history of full-on cringing every time I mention zucchini! - he loves this raw pasta version :)
(shhhh! Processed sauce AND cheese! Don't tell! We're getting there!)
Admittedly, our sauce is not home-made... yet! We've experimented with several tomato sauce recipes, and just haven't found one we like. But I'm sure we'll find one some day!

You don't have to have a fancy spiral slicer to make this - really, just take a potato peeler and make some fettuccine-like noodles! Easy and fresh! A fun way to mix things up with your pasta!
Or, heck, just throw your standard pasta on a bed of fresh spinach greens and you'll be getting an extra dose of health that way! Any step to add some health power to a meal is good :)
Have a wonderful weekend!! See you back here soon!
Spiral Smiles!


  1. It is! :) If you ever get the chance to try it, I recommend it!

    Though, learn from our bad experience - go with smaller zucchini. Often the bigger ones are bigger because they're more water-filled. It made the noodles seem much squishier. We like them crisp!