Monday, July 19, 2010

Container Garden Update!

Hey guys! How is your day treating you? With much peace and patience, I hope!
It's been a while since Dave and I first brought home our baby container garden... and I wanted to show you our big, beautiful mini garden! The broccoli is overflowing, the stevia can't hold itself up anymore, and the herbs are still a delight! If you have the ability to start a container garden, I highly recommend it! It's been so easy, and I know exactly what I put on my plants! Good and organic and natural!! ...I'm still not sure the broccoli will bear any edible blossoms for us (though that may just be my impatience coming through!) but the herbs have been great from day one! I love making my chocolate mint tea (or sometimes - shhh! - flavoring coffee... but not often!), and using oregano to season salads and dinners.
And it just takes watering it now and then (with the wet summer we've had, that's been easy!) and adding some organic fertilizer once a month. Simple!
Have a great day, guys and gals! It's time for me to get back to my salad!

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