Thursday, July 1, 2010

Half-Way Happy New Year!! ...Summer Style Resolutions!

Well, well, well, we are 6 months in to 2010 already (holy cow! Where did the time go!?) and how are YOUR New Years Resolutions coming?

Not like you'd planned? That's okay! Pick back up! Recommit today! We're at another turning point! The sun is shining, the weather is warming, and vacations (or staycations) are calling!

Take today to recommit to that healthy life you were all excited about on January first. Reassess your goals, reformulate a plan, get back on that bandwagon, and enjoy loving life! Quit the smoking! Lessen the drinking! Get out and walk a little! Eat some veggies! Drink some health!

If diet plays any role in your health goal, summer is an ideal time to kick it up! With all the wonderful produce that's in season, your menu can get a total make-over cool style! Cool, fresh smoothies in the morning; a big crisp salad for dinner; snack on a hunk of juicey watermelon after work; go for a long sunny walk and return home to cool off with a pitcher of water flavored with berries or orange slices... I love summer! And all the fruit it brings! In Ohio, July begins the peak produce season :) And I can't wait! Peaches and watermelon that are truly fresh are just around the corner!

Sadly, most jobs these days lock us in temperate offices. So try to get out as much as you can - take a walk at lunch or right after work before heading to your car. Get that warming, Vitamin D inducing sunshine! You will appreciate the natural crave for cool foods if you do! It's hard to want to drink an iced fruit smoothie when you're trapped in a cold office. And at home, leave your air conditioner off or don't set it so low! Let your body return to the natural shifts of the seasons. Maybe there's a reason all these cool fruits are at their best during our warm months... hmmm... ;-)

See you soon!


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