Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Swamp Juice? For me?! Really!?"

Yes, that is the kind, supportive way Dave responded when I handed him his share of the green smoothie yesterday morning. The shocked expression, the faked gratitude for taking care of his health, the pretend exhuberance for indulging in the drink... ;-) To try make it better for him, I did pour it in a little Spiderman cup. I mean, c'mon! Who could turn down a drink held by Spidey?!
Well, what can I say... it wasn't one of my better Greenie Meanies. But hey! We keep on trying, right?! My pears weren't ripe, so I just used an extra apple - but that pear just helps with a nice mellow sweetness. And the spinach was a little old, so we went with fresh kale and Romaine instead... which was a little bit greener than the mild spinach green!
And really, all in all, still a rock-solid healthy way to start the morning! And I am running high on natural energy from it :) So, even if you try a recipe that flubs a little, keep at it! Experiement with variety, seasonings, temperatures, nuts... There are yummy healthy foods out there!

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