Monday, March 8, 2010

Going Green!

It's been a while since I've been able to post! Sorry about that!

This weekend was crazy! I did a training session on Understanding Poverty, had a long lunch double-date with some good friends, celebrated another friend's birthday, and crawled around an attic for several hours trying to lay down insulation! Phew!

With all the cold weather, electric bills for heat were racking up for some people, so Dave and I got to help with brand new insulation for them! Now I know - if you ever buy a house, check the attic! Make sure that a) the insolation there will last for ever, or b) you have room to move! Haha! I had to crawl on all fours, and sometimes even slither on my stomach to duck under support beams, and then try to roll out giant rolls of fiber glass - all while wearing a thick breathing mask (which should be called a low-oxygen suffocation mask considering how little air comes through!) and goggles that fog with every breath!
But it was great :) And if it helps save energy and help lower heating bills in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, it was worth it! (Though we didn't finish, and will have to go back hopefully just one more time.) Maybe I'll take a picture next time - quite the sight with knee pads, goggles, mask, and gloves.

And so today, instead of my normal veggie-abundant meals, I am enjoying the love-filled leftovers of chili and corn bread that they sent us home with. Not so green in the food department, but wonderful and so appreciated!

So now, you too can Go Green with a Registered Dietitian in more ways that one if you need insulation! ;-) (Well, maybe... it's really not all that fun to do!)


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