Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sip It! Sip It Good!

Sip it, Baby! Sip it Good!

Ahhh, Devo, the crazy Ohio-based group who brought us “Whip It.” Love the lego-like “Energy Domes” guys. :)

Carolyn made a comment about eating lemons, and the potential danger to teeth. And so I thought I’d bring some of those comment to light!

My first instinct is, use a straw! I pretty much always drink my lemon water, smoothies, and sometimes even tea through a straw. This helps keep the foods off the teeth, which both saves you from potential damage as well as potential discoloration.

When I went to my last dentist appointment, they said my teeth were health and strong, and still cavity free! They also had a little notice up talking about brushing and acidity. The paper stated that after eating or drinking something acidic, rinse your mouth with water, but wait an hour before brushing. While the acidic juices are on your teeth, they may be weakening to enamel that you may erode with a rough brush.

And how bad is lemon for the teeth?

Well, as we looked up, lemon has about the same pH (acidic) level as pop! They both range between 2-3 depending on the exact lemon or cola type.

To get a feel for what that is – water is a 7; stomach acid is 1-3, and battery acid is around 1. So, if you feel comfortable chugging down a cola (or battery acid!) without a straw, then you shouldn’t worry about the lemon water. Perhaps you have already lost your teeth from such drinking… ;-) But, on the other hand, I’d rather encourage you to drink both from straws (the pop and lemon, of course! No battery acid recommendations here!!) and then work to eliminate cola all together!

Save your teeth. Collect the whole set.

Smile big and brightly, my friends! It’s Friday eve!

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