Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shooting Stars!

Twinkle, twinkle, little star... how I wonder what you are....

A fruit!

A star fruit, that is!

Tonight I tossed together a quick little Shooting Star Fruit Salad:
-and star fruit.
Quite a simple dish!

Now, admittedly, can you tell I had fun with the presentation of my Shooting Star Salad?

I have gone over all the lovely benefits of bananas in a previous post, but to touch on it again - they're good for the heart, rich in potassium and B6 (good for the nerves, building up healthy blood cells, and helping you break down proteins), have some vitamin C, and are a decent source of fiber!

Blackberries, like all berries - rich antioxidant food! Just don't mind the seeds...

And today's guest star: the star fruit! Also know and Carambola, it's a tropical fruit rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, flavonoids, and also a good 15% of your daily needs of fiber in one little pretty star-shaped package. If you pick a star fruit from the store, look for one that's mostly yellow with perhaps a little browning on the ridges. If there are brown spots, yuck, ya got yourself an over-ripe fruit! If it's too green, it's not quite ready for you to indulge on. Nice plus? You can eat the skin! Zero-prep time! Well, okay - 20 seconds to rinse it off, because you should always rinse off your produce.

I have read various descriptions for the flavor of this fruit, and well, everyone seems to have a different opinion! My thought was the texture somewhat like an orange, with a bit of a sweet melon-like flavor... but that's not quite it. So, I recommend you just go out and try it for yourself :)

When you wish upon a staaaaar.....!



  1. Oh it's so cute! Now I want that salad! :) I like how the bananas are the tails of the shooting stars. Kat-rine is always so clever!

  2. heehee! Glad you like it :) I find fun presentation helps, even though it's probably easier to just chop up the fruits and toss it all together. Still can look like a starry night salad, though!