Friday, February 5, 2010

Garbage Greenie!

Happy Friday!!

It's a cold, wet one here, but maybe the sun is shining more for you :)

As the week rolled to an end, my poor little fridge was looking pretty shabby, and my produce a little bit old. Still edible! But definitely Circling The Drain. What's a gal to do??

Dump it all into a blender!!

Mostly, I had fruit that - oddly enough - hadn't gotten eaten during the week, and a little bit of left over salad greens. So in it all went! What a great, easy way to make sure all those leftovers get eaten and not wasted! Garbage Greenie!

An apple; lightly browned bananas; cut out the heavily browned parts of two pears and added the rest; an orange that would probably go bad soon; a soft kale leaf; and the last few leaves of Romaine lettuce. (Then chilled it with some ice cubes and frozen mango.) Nothing fancy, nothing exotic, but full of nutrients none the less!
When you're mixing fruits, it's hard to go wrong. See what's around, and make your own Garbage Greenie! (Or just a fruit smoothie if you're still leary about adding veggies to a smoothie) ;-)

So give it a whirl, and have a great weekend!


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