Monday, January 4, 2010

Warming Up From the Inside

It is COLD out! I am getting ready to go shopping, but my car is coated in ice. So I got in, turned it on, and am letting it thaw a bit before I go out to finish scraping it off.

But it made me wonder about what kind of good, raw drink I can have that's warm, or warming.

I often enjoy slightly warmed "hot chocolate" (made with raw, unprocessed, antioxidant-rich cacao -- not sugary, acid-forming cocoa, though!) but I still want my fruit! So, I am going to live the tropical dream today :) A mix of tropical fruits with the addition of some spices that stimulate circulation!

For my Warming Tropical Dream smoothie:
1 papaya

1/2 avocado
1 banana
1/2 mango
water to help blend; make desired consistency
squeeze of lime
sprinkle with warming spices: ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg - maybe a daring dash of cayenne??
sweeten with agave or honey
garnish with a few raw macadamia nuts

toss a cute little umbrella in it, and dream of beaches! (Maybe I'll turn on some good Hawaiian music, too!)

This is a wonderfully healthy smoothie! Papaya is rich in vitamins A and C (which help with skin collagen - keeping it smooth, firm, and healthy!) as well as papain, a enzyme that can help with your digestion. Avocado, rich in vitamin K and fiber, is also a source of health promoting monounsaturated fats, specifically oleic acid. Lime, like lemons, will be loaded with vitamin C and enzymes. Agave and cinnamon are great for blood sugar regulation - agave nectar is a low glycemic food, so it won't spike you're sugar and drop you! Cinnamon will also help slow the rate that the fruit sugars are absorbed, again helping give a smooth, steady sugar ride to your blood stream :)
But before I can indulge in that... it's off to the grocery store!

Have a wonderful, warm spirited day!

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