Monday, January 11, 2010

Super Radish!

Happy Monday, my friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and are ready to continue the fight for good health! Huzzah!

Today I have a lovely little salad for lunch. But I wanted to encourage you to rethink your idea of a salad. Typically, we think of salad as a bed of green, and the some toppings, and a dressing. And that's healthy, too! And, actually, the word "salad" comes from the Latin "salare" meaning "to salt" since salt was often used in the dressing. And a little natural salt is good - let's just not go overboard!

But I guess I tend to think of a salad as any dish of cold fruits and/or vegetables all mixed together.

So, today, my salad was a simple radish-cucumber salad. Radish has a somewhat spicy peppery flavor, so the cucumber is a wonderful cooling balance.

Dice a bundle of radishes, cube up some cuke, and season as desired! That's it!

I like to squeeze a little bit of lemon juice on it, maybe a little pepper or sea salt. If you have a favorite herb, I hear cilantro is a good mix with radish.

Yay radish! It's an awesome mucus dissolver, rich in many wonderful minerals. It's combination vitamin C, sulfur, and silica help with healthy skin tissue formation, which can help make the face glow! Go radish, go!

(photo courtesy of Jeff Bucchino,

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