Sunday, January 24, 2010

Natural Growth

Well, ADDN has become An ALMOST Daily Dose of Natural :) Life is busy! But enjoy this story, and let me know if there are topics you are interested in! I have many things I find interesting and want to share, but also love to help teach and un-confuse the chaotic jumble that is nutrition research and media hype! So enjoy today's post :)



(Based on this story)

Just another thing I recommend to stay natural with!

Wow, how hard would it be as an adolescent, to hear your parents were willing to dump some serious money just to make you taller? Would this excite you? Or would it make you feel that you weren’t meeting some crazy potential that they expect of you – even though it’s genetic, and beyond your control? One father was willing to pay $45,000 yearly for a doctor to give his 14 year old growth hormone shots so the son (already 5’6”) would be taller. And these rGH shots can increase chances for diabetes, scoliosis, and even cancer according to some studies.

To me, it’s sad. Your height is your height. As a child, I towered over the kids in my class. And, yes, I hated it. But I never would have desired medical treatment to change it! Today, I have become accepting of my stature, and – though I slip into the old slumping posture at times – I am glad my parents pushed me in things like learning, exploring, and questioning, rather than making me feel bad for having the wrong genes (which were supplied by the parents, might I remind them!)

Lets let children grow naturally, healthfully, to the best potential they have budding within them.

Sorry, that's my soapbox for today. :)

See you soon!


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