Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sprinting Smoothie Sistah!

Happy Mothers' Day Weekend!!

What better way to start off the holiday weekend than with a run?  (Hmmm.... sounds oddly familiar...)  So my older sister and her husband joined me on the Columbus 5K!
In the starting gates!
It was a nice run, not as fast as we've done before, but she was still healing up after wearing a boot for 6 weeks!  So, nursing a previously sprained foot, our goal was simply to finish - and we did! 
Rockin' runnin' sistah!
And after all the running and sweating, we got cleaned up, and indulged in a healthy smoothie!  Rich in berries, this antioxidant punch helps replenish our muscles' energy stores!  Delicious and studious!  What a way to start a weekend!  We started it off right!

Sipping smoothie why studying.  What a brain boost! :)

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