Monday, May 2, 2011

Raw Ratatouille... the fancy way of saying "Zucchini Spaghetti in Circles"

I was all excited to try another new recipe from Gone Raw - so I picked Zucchini Ratatouille since zucchini is nice and cheap. And Italian sounded good!

And while this was a pretty zucchini dish with home-made tomato sauce, I think it will not be a repeated recipe.

I enjoy zucchini as a substitute for pasta, but I found that slicing and dehydrating all these slices was much more time consuming than just throwing it through my spiral slicer. Perhaps letting the slices marinate in a little salt and oil would be a good step, but I don't think it needs to dehydrate.

And the sauce would have been delicious if it wasn't for the fact that my grocery store changed their sun-dried tomatoes. Sadness!!

Thankfully, we recently found a nice tub of ORGANIC sun-dried tomatoes from Jungle Jim's market, so we'll get to try out some old favorites with these new nuggets of sunny glory!

So, above is our pretty dish of ratatouille... the first, and the last. But hey - we tried it, and now we know! Sometimes it's just the matter of pushing our comfort zone, and trying something new! Can't love 'em all!

Have a happy week, and I'll get to that post about Romaine lettuce soon!


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