Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hubby Making Progress!

I was sitting at my computer last night, minding my own business, clicking through my array of email messages, when my husband comes up, sounding very suspicious.

"Hun, you know how much I love you, and I think you're wonderful..."

Uhh, ok, where's this going?

"So, because I love you, I put up with all your crazies.  And I figured, I better offer to let you take a picture of my dinner before I eat any!"

Ahahaha!!  Awww, that's my man!

So this is the plate he proudly presented:

It's not a prefect meal, but it is leaps and bounds healthier than many things he tends to eat!

The back left if a slice of fennel (yep - straight up, vitamin C, cancer-fighting, licorice-tasting veggie!) with a nut pate on it.

Then he has brown rice with home-made red pepper curry sauce on it.

And finally, in the less-than-wonderful white bun, he has a "Rawtwurst" (nuts and seasonings to emulate a bratwurst!), organic mustard, and some of our home-made sourkraut!


And the best part?  He LOVED his dinner!  He was so happy on so many levels - that it's getting healthier, that he did it himself, and that it TASTED GOOD!

This coming from a man who almost soley based our apartment choice on the fact that there's a Taco Bell next door... he's come a long way!

So take your small steps, and take your time getting there!  These changes are life-time changes he's making, and they're sticking!  Hang in there, and you'll find amazing healthy ideas that just click for you, too!


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