Friday, September 3, 2010

A Laugh About Labels

Welcome to the long weekend, oh ye laborers! Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

While I imagine most of us will chuck the diet out the window to some degree, I figured some lecture on healthy eating may just cause undo stress or guilt -- and that's not healthy either!! So if you indulge, by golly, you better enjoy it! ;-) Love it, embrace it, and hopefully you don't go too overboard! (Maybe start your mornings with green smoothies so you can at least have that safely under your belt before it gets too tight!)

I thought today it'd be fun to just post this great little clip about serving sizes on food labels. (But what does a food label mean? That you're buying a food item with a PACKAGE! Not fresh!! So just double check that you're keeping all that in moderation!)

This is a comedian Dave and I ran across by random chance one night, and I was just tickled that there was some fun food chuckles to be had (and CLEAN humor! That seems such a rarity in stand-up)

And hey! Laughter is an important part of a healthy, dynamic life! Good for the body, good for the soul.

So, without further ado, Brian Regan, ladies and gentlemen!

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