Sunday, September 5, 2010

Raw Sister!

Happy weekend!!!

My dear sister came to visit for a day, and we agreed to go all raw for our meal! Salads are a wonderful healthy way to bulk up any meal: nutrient-packed antioxidant leafy green explosion! Yes!

But what would a meal be with just a salad?

So we decided to have some fun experimenting in the kitchen! We pulled out my Ani Phyo raw recipe book, and decided to try a Brazil-nut portabello bisque soup! Soup and salad. Quite the classic!

The soup turned out to be okay - I guess I'm not a huge mushroom fan ;-) But the base was a yummy Brazil-garlic blend, which was oddly hearty! So, we figured out a few ways we would tweak in for the future, then enjoyed what we had for the day!

Love my sister! <3

And what is a meal without dessert?? So we finished off our visit with a good ol' heaping bowl of banana-whipped ice "kreme." Frozen bananas and mixed berries processed into soft-serve goodness! Yumm!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too! Share some fun and food with family, and keep that motivation rolling!

Dave says we look far too happy for salads.... ;-)

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