Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daily Doses Going Weekly?

I can't believe I've only posted 5 times this month!!!  Ugg!  Things have been so crazy, and work has been so hectic, that I haven't had a chance to post lately!

But I was excited to learn that my family members are starting to try to incorporate more natural eating into their lives!!  If they have some good experiences, maybe they'd like to share them *hint hint!* ;-)

My dad has grudgingly sipped on green smoothies that my mom has been making; my younger sister is starting to take up walking (though not by choice - she's gotta hoof it around her campus!); and my older sister has been limiting processed foods and pushing raw produce!  Rock on, family!!  I'm so proud if I was able to help plant seeds!

I was also excited to hear that some friends of mine are also following some sort of diet plan that pushed foods closer to the way nature intends - fresh produce, nuts, and seeds; and limit the processed junk!  They are looking for more energy and to drop some weight.  And what a great way to do it!

So I hope to hear more stories of people's progress!  I have a few testimonials from some other friends coming up soon!

Have a wonderful week, and try something new today! :)


"May today there be peace in your heart, may you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be, may you never lose sight of the infinite possiblities that you see in yourself and others."  --my friend Miss G.

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  1. I completely understand being too busy! As I posted yesterday, over the next few weeks we will almost triple the work that my husband and I do in a given week!

    It is so affirming and excited to see loved ones take care of themselves better. I was shocked and awed when my dad started drinking smoothies with my mom! He is nearly 100% Swedish farmer, so meals are supposed to be meat, potatoes, bread, milk, and occasionally a veggie!