Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rainy Running and Healthy Visits

I usually go visit my family about once per month, and Saturday inevitably involves pizza and junk foods... So, last time I tried to plan ahead more! First, make sure to enjoy a good run, second make sure to enjoy some good food before the pizza cravings set it, and then have a big kale salad on hand to keep me busy during pizza!

So, of course about 15 minutes after I started my run - when I'm too far away to easily get back home - the downpour starts! My first reactions was "oh no!" But as I ran, I began wondering why we have such a fear of being wet! It kept me cool as I worked hard, and it was revitalizing!

(The only down side was when my ear bud got wet and stopped working... but after it dried, all better!)

Running Rain or Shine!
But after I finished (getting odd looks from people the whole way) I came home, got my hot shower, and watched the sun come back out. Of course. So, to help keep the pizza-cravings at bay, I made up a big salad full of healthy, beautifying foods!

So simple! Cucumber and radish with juice of a half lemon, and a sprinkling of hemp seeds. Hydrating, skin loving, and omega rich! Booyaka!

So, I went outside to enjoy some quiet time with my salad, and the beautiful post-rain glow!

Hope you've all had a wonderful week! Keep those veggies rolling!



  1. I hope you find more than pizza at the home when you are visiting the next time! A run to Whole Foods would definitely be in order. The salad looks yummy!!!

  2. It seems there's more and more variety at home these days, despite dad's grumblings ;-)

    The salad is one of my favorites!! Simple, quick, spicy yet cool and refreshing!