Sunday, March 28, 2010

Immunity Tea!

Well, the warm weather was nice while it lasted (and it's supposed to be back soon!) But, this weekend had some cool moments.

Dave and I went out for a jog Friday after work. The temperature dipped in synchronization with the sun dipping behind the hills as it set. By the time we finished our four miles, his nose was cold, my hands were half-numb, and I could feel my body tiring. As soon as we got home, I turned on the stove to heat some water.

Tea time!

Lemon, of course, is a Vitmain-C packed power house, so half a lemon was squeezed into the warmed water (not too hot, remember!) and sprinkled in some cinnamon. In Chinese teas, cinnamon is used to help with circulation, keeping the blood (and thus white blood cells) moving! Is this proven? I'm honestly not sure and haven't seen official studies, but it sure tastes good, and cinnamon has other health properties! :) Cayenne has also been considered a circulation-stimulating spice, and I have also done ginger-clove-cayenne teas before. But tonight I wanted lemon!

Keep warm, keep healthy, and we should be back to warm days soon!

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