Friday, March 19, 2010

Junk The Juice

At my job, one of the daily topics is JUICE.

Juice - the wonders of marketing schemes.
For the most part, juice is a waste of money. Yes, even "all natural, no sugar added, 100% juice" juices. Juice is a highly-processed form of fruit that essentially leads to nothing more than sugar water - heck, the natural vitamin C of the fruit usually isn't even there! That "100% of your Vitamin C needs" is mostly just added back in after all the processing! (That's the "ascorbic acid" on the ingredient list.) So, if you are squuuuueeeezing out all the liquid from the fruit, what do you get? Water, sugar.
The bigger question: what are you NOT getting? Fiber, phytochemicals, enzymes, and the other aspects of the "whole package" that the fruit was supposed to come with.

Most juices will contain 28 grams of sugar per serving (and if you get one of those lovely 20-ounce bottles, check the label! They usually are not 1 serving, but 2.5 so you're getting 70 grams of sugar and about 275 calories in the whole bottle!)

How much sugar is 28 grams?

That's almost the same as what you'll find in most soda! (And we've been over the lack of health THERE!) Check out this video! (Thanks to Marshall Brain, who also brought us the books on How Things Work!)

There are 7 teaspoons in 8 ounces of sugar... or over 1 tablespoon!

And do you wonder WHY they add so much sugar to pop? To cover the salty taste with all it's sodium! Why do they have so much sodium? To make you feel thirsty and therefore want more cool, "refreshing" soda! (Or so some theories go. I wouldn't be surprised!)

Push the water, try some teas, and really limit or eliminate your sugary processed junk! And if you want juice, make your own! Or just blend it so you can keep all the wonderful benefits that come with it. Good things DO come in small packages! :)

Happy Hydrated Friday!

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