Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello hello, dear friends and family!!

I am making an announcement to the world!  ...or to the close group of readers here, at least ;-)

I am moving!  I have been offered a job as Clinical Dietitian/Food Service Manager at the local hospital on that beautiful Jurassic Park -esque island, Saipan!  (Though I hope to do more than white-coat mentality work, and continue to study the wonderful healing properties of foods and lifestyles.)

I don't know how much I will get to post here - not that I have been busy on the blog as of late anyway... But we will be in a flurry of activity for the next 7 weeks until my last day of work here in Ohio; then a mere two weeks after that, we'll be flying (and hopefully NOT frying!) around the globe, and setting up the next chapter in our life.

I know that I want to keep researching and sharing health information; but I don't think much of that will be happening on this site anymore.  It's time to expand!  A simple blog is not what I'm aiming for.

For now, I'll continue updating on ADailyDoseOfNatural.wordpress.com, but I am envisioning a greater site in the future - perhaps something that will have a running journal of our adventures in the new culture, pictures of the place, and maybe unique recipes that would be fun for you to try here in the Mainlands, but that I could also start to share with those living in Saipan.  Who knows!  Some sort of conglomeration will be fun, though.

I thank you all for your reading, support, and comments, and hope that you'll continue sharing the adventures on the other blog and whatever site may come next!  I will be sure to share that link here if and when it is created.

Until then, may you continue to explore health, explore life, and explore your own self.  You will find great things there :)


For now!  But new beginnings are ahead!


  1. What an adventure! So much history. Enormous cultural change. Swimming. Huge good luck to you and your husband.

  2. Thanks!! I'm very nervous, but very excited :)