Thursday, May 3, 2012

ADDN Morphs... FlipSide and VeggieKate are Born!

After much time, stress, tears, joys, and triumphs, I have gotten mostly settled in to Saipan!

And ADDN is being laid to rest.  But not the heart of what lies there.

I have too many things that excite me, too much to learn, and too much to share!  So my life and journeys are now split among two different blogs.  And I hope you'll check them out!

I will of course continue my love of studying natural health.  But I didn't know how to focus it.  Just keep writing willy-nilly articles on whatever topic strikes my fancy?  Or try to catalog and organize for easier searching?  Do I want to try to focus more on recipe creations and then start picking a few for a cook book?  And if so, should it be all produce-pushing as this site has done, or general health?  Should it be for foods common in the mainlands, or for those geared towards Saipan's availability?  With the open doors I have seen in Saipan for writing, speaking, and teaching, do I want to start creating lesson plans?  Making cooking shows or a recipe column?  

Why not all of it??  So, to keep a nice basic umbrella website that can help incorporate any and all potential nutrition-related fun I get to help with, I just went with a basic site name: was born!  ...though VK still needs a nice logo - but we're working on that :)

And that's all well and good for health - but what about a convenient way to keep friends and family updated on non-food topics?  The flight, the views, the people, the betel nut, the roaches...   So, I wanted to keep a travel blog.  One of my best friends in Seattle also thought it'd be fun to share the amazing photography she find on her travels and hikes.  So we joined forces.  And that just started to morph into an outdoor adventure blog, with an encouragement on physical activity to help lead towards health.

We describe it thus:

Two best friends, a world apart.
Jen, in Seattle, Washington is an avid outdoors adventurer, with a deep love of nature and photography.
Kate, on the other side of the world in Saipan, shares the love of active living, with a focus on natural health and nutrition.
What better way to achieve emotional and physical health than to get into the great outdoors, find activities you love, and Flip your own self image!

So all our travel fun and some outdoorsie inspiration and excitement can be found through FlipSide Adventures at!

I hope you'll join us on our new adventures - both in Saipan, and on the Flip Side!

Adios!  (That's also Goodbye in Chamorro) :)

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