Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Abundance of Photos: Touring Saipan

So that's Saipan in a nutshell!  And my Daily Dose Thoughts as we went :)  But those few posts do no justice to the beauty of the island, and all the things we saw.  So this post has no real purpose other than to share some of the amazing things that are in the world - things I often forget about and don't get to see or experience living in a crowded city, and working in an area where I am assulted with noise and chaos, missing out on the natural abudnace of the world.  I hope you'll enjoy some of the pictures, too :)

Driving into downtown Garapan.  Ok, yes, this area has less nature and more man-made stuff

But most of the roads were surrounded with lush vegetation!

A quick game of chess...
*note: fine, fine.  We didn't REALLY play.  This was already set up.  As some
of my brainy friends pointed out, the way the king and queen are set, this layout
would be impossible if we followed the game rules :-P

Visiting the Memorial Park.  This island has a sad history of loss during the war.
This Park honors all sides, and mourns all loss.

Christmas!!!  They were setting up many decorations while we were there.

The gorgeous front lobby of our hotel

It boggled my mind at first to see pine trees along the beach!

More Memorials at Banzai Cliff - where hundreds of people
jumped when they were afraid of becoming prisoners of war

Old war remains

War bunker.  It was intersting to see this place, but also incrredibly moving and sad.

Cacti Graffiti

Polynesian drummers!

"Hafa Adai!" the local greeting!  (Pronounced "half a day")

I don't know why, but I loved the salt and pepper shaker!  Cute and colorful :)

Being a tourist!   Had to get a pic with Saipanda!

Beautiful Blue Tree


Small model of traditional houses. 
I don't think you could really find these houses anymore.

Local crafts

Saying goodbye :(
The view from my window as we flew away.

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