Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vegan Cooking Class!

Part 2 of the sister's birthday!!

After a good run, a hot shower, and some good family time, the women of the house were off again!  This time, we were going to Whole Foods to do a cooking class of Asian-style vegan foods!  I know it was my sister's birthday, but WOW! Could this day have been any more wonderful for me?!  *lol*  The funds that Whole Foods raised from this class went to help victims of the Pacific chaos going on.  So that was another huge perk!

The menu laid out for us was an Asian ginger salad, Miso soup, and a pear dessert!  We got in pairs and off we went!  The recipes were created by a raw vegan chef, so you know they're healthy!  Good produce, fresh fruit, and no oils!  Hooray!

Carolyn and I started with dessert (because who wouldn't want to?!  Ok, that's also the station we were kind of randomly assigned to...)

Here's my beautiful model of a sister displaying our pretty dish!

That's a baked pear with a delicious almond milk spiced sauce (and decorated with a star anise just because it's pretty! Don't try to eat one!  They're HARD!)
Then we went to the salad station and made this delicious Asian salad with a ginger sesame dressing!  I actually didn't care for the dressing that much, but the salad with its orange wedges was a sweet treat!
Lots of good greens in this one!  Plus some almonds, cucumber, and carrots!
Here's my most wonderful mom walking back with her bowl of Miso soup - the third station!
Udon noodles, bok choy, and wakame in a miso broth - quite good, but not "green" enough for my liking ;-)  I'd do tons of bok choy with just a smattering of noodles if I had my way!  But still super yum!
Here's our giant pot of soup - we made enough for 8 people so we could take home the left overs!  Tee hee!

So that the other event of Saturday!  Quite enjoyable!  Plus the next day, I had lots of leftover salad to enjoy for lunch :)  Yay!


  1. oh yeea! on a health website :P

  2. wooo! Carol and Carolyn are both so cute! Dude - where's this kitchen? it looks very nice!!!

  3. I know! That's the Whole Foods classroom kitchen. So nice! I am jealous ;-)