Friday, November 26, 2010

Saipan Fresh Markets!

We got to experience the Tuesday night market in Garapan. It was, all at once, completely normal, and totally new! I love farmers markets, and have been to several - so in a way, seeing all the little tents lined up, and foods displayed was just like home. ...Until you look closer, and realized you don't recognize anything!!

What's a girl to do?
Try it all!

They were very friendly people there - when you didn't know what something was, they'd try their best to explain how it tasted, how you prepare it. Or, when all else fails, just shove one in your hand and tell you to take a bite! That was how I got to experience my first guava! Delicious! I'm sad they are not available here in Ohio :(

We also go "coconut juice" which would have been great... but they added sugar to it. Sad... something so simply wonderful, and they had to dump in processed junk! Ah well, it still tasted good, and was more exploring of culture, since that's the popular way to do it! (I'll keep mine fresh from the nut next time, thank ya!)
Here was an actual catering stand - they had the most variety, mostly processed foods they'd already made.

So, of course, we had to try some new items.

Not exactly the most natural of foods... I mean, would you look at that neon orange?! But it's local rice cake (coconut milk, rice, and sugar all blended into a smooth texture) so we wanted to see what it tasted like.

Quite good, really! Creamy and somewhat chewy, sweet and mild.
Then there was sweet rice (rice, coconut milk, brown sugar, not blended.) Very similar, but Dave preferred this one.

And then we had to try the "Eat like a Local Plate." So VERY not healthy!!! And I really didn't eat much of it - picked at the rice, and ate the (uber oily) veggies. Then Dave enjoyed all that many meaty stuff ;-) (And yes, hot dogs are apparently a local staple there, as well!)

We took our little tray, walked to the back of the market where we found a nice log, sat, and ate our food while the sun set. Oh, and had a friendly neighborhood mole run out and squeek at us! I guess they're common there!

The market all lit up!

We went back to our hotel, where they finally convinced us to get the free foot massage, and then coaxed us into the pedicure - yep, Dave too! But I'll share about that later, and the unnaturalness of that! (Even though I did enjoy going crazy with blue
toes with butterflies... it's something you may want to keep in moderation!)
After that, a good sleep, and then the next morning, day three on the lovely beaches!

And I got to start my morning off with fresh guava! YUM! Ok, admittedly, this stuff has one heck of a potent smell!! Dave was whining about it the night before, so I stuck it in the fridge. And - oh MAN! Opened the fridge in the morning and was about knocked over by the gush of guava scent! It's not a bad smell, just so strong when so fresh! Guavas have no cholesterol, saturated fat, or sodium; and they have all these wonderful nutrients: potassium, folate, a good 5g of cleansing fiber, and skin-so-soft helping Vitamins A and C - over 200% of your need of Vitamin C in one fruit!

Now that's a nice way to start a morning!

And I also got to try some local oranges that morning (yep, going Vitamin C happy!)

It turns out, the cold nights in California and Florida are what help give oranges their namesake peel. With nothing but warms and tropical weather year round, Saipan oranges aren't orange! They're green! But still sweet, juicy, tart, and delicious!

So after I enjoy my fruit breakfast, we go and relax on the beach some more. I mean, come on, who could refuse??

So that was our experience with the local food and market - more good memories!

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  1. I'm from Saipan and I was wondering about the coconut juice you mentioned earlier. They added sugar? was this some kind of customized drink or pearl shake? cuz I usually see fresh, cold coconut juice poured from the cooler or the coconut itself and Saipan young coconuts could be really sweet without any sugar added:)

    And yes our Saipan oranges are tangerines. :D I really miss eating them!