Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fun Creatures of the Island

Time out from health and nutrition to share the fun wild creatures we saw while we were there! I suppose to me, this was a health thing. Nature and living critters (most) are a thing that bring me happiness and peace. Where I live and work, it is just a cacauphony of chaos! I walk past busy streets with blaring horns and thumping radios; I walk past exhaust-exhuding parking garages; and I walk past smoking coal factories. Ugg! So I welcome the quite life and the natural creatures as a break from all the man-made machines.

Ahhh, peace. :)

So, first! Boonie Dogs! Stray animals are viewed as just the way of life there. No one really claims them, but no one really minds them either. I'm not exactly sure how they survive, but they were everywhere!

And of course, Dave and his love of catching gekos...

We would walk along the beach and find many little sand crabs, too! This one was a little baby guy. How cute!

I'm still not sure what kind of moth this one is... anyone? It made me think of a deck of playing cards!

We saw several hermit crabs. Both small ones...

...and big ugly ones!

I LOVE the coloring and spotting on this red guy! So crazy!

Such amazing variety in creatures! My general rule is - as long as it has more than 2 legs but less than 4, I'm usually ok. But I suppose I may make an exception for the hermit crab... depending how you define "legs" with them! ;-)

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