Friday, January 21, 2011

Radish Revisited

Since I found my raw Kelp flakes, I have been trying to find new fun ways to use them. (without going overboard! They are quite high in iodine!) And this time, I thought I'd spice up my Radish Salad a little more! Last time, I was going for quick and simple - so I just quartered my radishes and sliced the cucumber.

But, I am trying to work a little more with presentation - since that can be quite an important part of enjoying food! So, I actually ran my cucumber through my spiral slicer so I had cuke noodles :)

Then I did thin slicing of my radish. Top it all off with a dressing of olive oil, lemon, and kelp - and a scattering of Pine nuts for fun :) Then I added a few bits of Vitamin K-packed watercress for a little peppery kick! While watercress can be a flavor that takes some getting used to, it is something worth trying. One little handful of 10 springs will provide over 75% of your RDA for Vitamin K! It also has a good amount of Vitamins A and C, and a wide variety of minerals.

It still seems to be lacking a little something in the cold weather, but I think this is a wonderfully refreshing dish for when things start heating up again! But, I'll keep playing with it, and seeing how to tweak it just right!

Happy little watercress sprigs waving Hello!
(Yes, little springs... say hello to my digestive tract!)

So, like I did with my salad, I hope you'll continue to experiment and play with healthy tweaks to recipes. Keep playing, and you'll find a keeper eventually!

Watercress waves and Spiral Smiles!

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