Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful Berry Smoothie

That was my green smoothie today.  Lovely berry rich!

I started with a basic green base:
Romaine (I use almost half a head, but you may want to start smaller!)
1 apple
1 banana
juice of 1/2 lemon

Then decided to give it a kick:
1 cup spinach
1 to 1 1/2 cups frozen berry medley


Romaine is one of the top sources of the lovely mineral chromium, which is important for keeping healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  I have also read before that chromium is important for healthy color in your hair.  And I've had friends tell me after a while doing green smoothies every morning that their hair was losing some of the gray and getting back to their natural colors!  Hmmm.... ;-)  Sometime to chew on!  Er, uh, to sip on!  I'm hoping to research that more...

Spinach has all sorts of wonderful benefits - hooray Popeye!  Spinach is kickin' it in with TONS of Vitamin K, an abundance of Vitamin A, mega amounts of manganese, friendly folate, and so many other wonderful vitamins and minerals!  Spinach really is one kickin' health food! 

And berries.  Ah, beautiful berries!  Berries are an antioxidant explosion of goodness!  Good for vision, good for the brain, and full of minerals.

So mix up something fun :)  Have a great weekend!



  1. Found you from a Spark people blog link! I'm TOTALLY gonna do this smoothie! YUMM-O!

  2. Hi fellow SP-er! :) Your blog is so cute! And, biased as it may be) I love your wishlist post! I love my spiral slicer!!

    Let me know if you like the smoothie, or how you tweak it!

  3. I'm making it for breakfast tomorrow! SO excited!

  4. I made it YUMM-O! I ran out of lemon and I ate the romain for dinner last, Here's what I did:

    Mixed berries (frozen)
    Coconut milk
    Ground Flaxseed(soaked)
    Frozen Oj(1tbsp)

    It's SO pretty! And YUMMY!!!!

    I wanna get some lemon and romain today.....

  5. woohoo!!! Amazing how the fruit cuts right through the greens, isn't it? I almost feel like I'm cheating - since when doesn't healthy taste good?! NOW! :) Ooo, and nice flax add! I have added flax oil, but not ground/seeds before - no issue with the textures?