Friday, April 1, 2011

Living Chocolate - No Guilt!

Hello and happy Friday!! I wanted to share a Raw Food potluck Dave and I checked out. They were advertising it as Cookies and Milk! ...or, Raw cookies, Raw Chocolate, and home-made Almond milk. So good, so fun!

Check out this pretty pan!
That is the tray of fresh made, enzyme-rich, antioxidant-packed chocolate that they made for us! It used unheated cacao powder, cold-pressed cocoa butter, agave (which, ok, has a lot of controversy about it's health benefits), and topped with cashews, gogi berries, and coconut! SO HEALTHY! (In moderation, of course!) Yes, higher calories, but with as rich and luscious as this treat is, you don't need much! It was so melt-in-your-mouth AMAZING! I have the recipe somewhere from the handouts, and I'll have to share it later :)

We got free samples of fresh, unpasteurized cashew butter and almond butter. They added more salt that I liked, but it was still tasty!

Here they are processing the cocoa butter, making it small shavings to allow it to melt faster for making chocolate!
Tasty Toppings!
Stirring the cacao powder into the melted cocoa butter. Look how rich and dark!
Pouring out the chocolate.
And decorating!
Other fun chocolate foods - little fudgey chocolate balls, wrapped around almonds, and rolled in coconut. It's so nice being able to eat natural foods that are dessert-like foods! Healthy, happy, and satisfied, we took a few samples and headed home :)

When you use the right ingredients, they add such benefit to your life! It's how I can enjoy "ice cream" for breakfast! Make it out of nothing but bananas and berries - or bananas, almonds, and cacao - and know that you're putting nutrition in your body while you put taste on your tongue!

I hope you'll try something new, too! One of these days, I'm going to make a chocolate turtle cheesecake that is made from all natural fruits, nuts, and seeds, and enjoy a decadent breakfast in bed! ;-)

Have a good one, my friends!

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