Friday, October 15, 2010

Pre-Holiday Recommittment

Hi guys! It's been quite a while since I've posted - life has just been draining!! (All the more reason I really need to stick with healthy, natural foods!)

Admittedly, this last week got away from me, and it is SHOCKING how much difference the unhealthy eating has had on my energy!

Last week, 4:30am, that alarm goes off, I popped out of bed and headed for the gym for some lifting or running. This week, each day got progressively harder to wake up. Tuesday, I even got up, went to my eliptical machine, started... got about 5 minutes in, realized I barely had the energy for moving the thing on its lowest setting!! Got down, went back to bed...

What a horrible way to live! And don't most of us feel like that on a fairly regular basis? Just so much to do, low energy, feeling weak and brain foggy... Well I miss my "last week" feeling! So I am getting my food back in order, cleaned out my fridge, and am ready to rock and roll! Got my shopping list, and tonight I'll be off to the store to get all my wholesome goodness!

Ahhh, green smoothies, how I miss your morning energy!

An AMAZING looking pumpkin smoothie from DomestiFluff

The candy night is coming - Halloween looms! It is getting into holiday season, and the cold weather where we turn to comfort food. Enjoy it, love it, but stay in control! So start curbing your cravings, kicking natural food in to gear, and prepare your weapons! Asperagus spears, radish granades, and green smoothie oozies! We are approaching enemies lines!

I hope the month has been a good one for you all so far, and I will be back with some of my favorite recipes, and sites that I find inspiring!


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