Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amazingly Creative - and HEALTHY - Halloween Treats

Yesterday I said I was going to hunt down some good Halloween alternatives, and boy did I find a good blog!

I am almost afraid to post it, because it is so much more creative than anything I post here! ;-)  But I was just so taken aback by her innovate use of shapes, colors, and flavors, that I had to email and ask her if I could share it with you!  So THANK YOU, Angela, for letting me share the joys you have concocted in your kitchen!

I hope you will also enjoy some of the delicious, clever ways Angela puts together raw, wholesome foods that any one can appreciate over the fall season!  Test some of these options, and try to limit (or totally run screaming from!) processed monsters to keep your health going through the season!

So, I now introduce you all to The Happy Raw Kitchen's Healthy Halloween edition!

Check out some of the fascinating things she's put together:

Darlin Clementine Punkin



Ghosts in a Graveyard

Is that not the cutest clementine you've ever seen?!  Maybe I'd feel okay about passing those out if kids come knocking this year!

So huge thanks to The Happy Raw Kitchen for letting me share her glorious works!  Check out her Halloween blog post for the recipes and assembly instructions.  She's inspiring me to try to step it all up a notch on the creative scale!  Let's face it - fun food is more fun to eat!!

So, if you happen by my haunt this Halloween, you just may see some of these treats lurking about!

Wishing you all Festive and Fun Fall Feelings! :)


  1. Hi Katie! Thanks so much for featuring my healthy Halloween treats on your lovely blog:) I do like to have fun with my food!

  2. Thanks for letting me post them!! Sadly, I have been so swamped these last few weeks, I haven't gotten to update or anything :( But trying to get back here! Hope your move is going well, and can't want to see new things on your site, too!