Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Peek Into My Life... Er, Fridge

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! A little shout-out to the dear woman in my life who taught me the best secrets of health: if you break the cookie in half, all the calories fall out! And M&Ms may not solve all of life's problems, but they're a darn good place to start! Love you, Mom :)


Some days, being a dietitian while blogging about food makes me feel as if food is the core of my life. And I do love food, learning about nutrition, sharing it all - but life is so much more than just eating! So, don't think I'm TOTALLY obsessed about food! (But cut me some slack - it IS my career, so I am allowed to obsess a LITTLE!) :)

I thought today I would share a look at my eating habits, and how I stock up.

I keep plenty of shelf foods on hand, as well - but here's a deeper look into the refrigerator, and all it's secret wonder!

I posted early on about prepping food in advance - and I walk the walk with that one! Dave and I spent an hour at the Farmers' Market and the store over the weekend, then a few hours in the kitchen getting ready. Yes, that means a chunk of your day goes to one activity. But again - it's worth it! If we don't commit that that segment of time, the rest of the week we are scrounging for healthy food and allowing ourselves to be lazy and slack, grabbing a slice of left over pizza or swinging through the fast food joint instead of eating what he have!

So, we pour some tea, crank up some music (or pop in a good audio book!) and get to work. This weekend, while listening to some Artemis Fowl, we washed, we tore, we cut, and we stored. And we have been reveling all week in the produce glory that resulted!
So this is outside the fridge, actually - I have two bowls where I put all the washed produce. No, I don't normally have to color coordinate! It just kind of worked out that way :) But pre-wash people! It is so hard to pass up fresh produce when you literally have nothing to do to prepare it! You have no time and need convenience? It doesn't get faster than grabbing an apple! It is such a life-saver having those on hand after work. I come home and am hungry - ready to dive head-first into anything that gets in my way. But, if I have some clean fruit on hand, I will grab that first, tame my hunger, then plan a healthier option for dinner.

You can also see the big salad we were working on. Remember, that's my Easiest Veggie Weapon in the fight for good health! A huge tub that will last all week! I throw a bunch in a Tupperware container each morning, top with selected add-ins, and am all set for lunch at work.

And now looking inside the refrigerator... gaze in wonder ;-)

Top shelf: a giant tub of salad, some pre-cut carrots, and all our dairy and alternatives (coconut milk, almond milk, organic yogurt)

Middles shelf: a giant bag of carrots, all the salad add-ins (radish, bulbs and leaves, garlic stems, cucumber, berries, seeds, nuts, etc) Tucked behind those are wheat bran, hemp protein powder, and some ground flax and flax oils.

Bottom Shelf: pre-cup celery, pineapple, broccoli, cauliflower, ...and the cheese and lunch meat drawer (shhhh! We go light on those!) Eggs can be hidden behind the celery. I want to go with eggs from my local farmer's free-range, organic eggs, but they were all out this weekend!!

Lower drawers: on the right are extras - some unwashed lemons and apples, some dates, etc. These last better in the fridge, so as the bowls on the table begin to empty, I will wash off more from the fridge and set them out as well. The left drawer is full of pre-washed greens:
I wash all the greens ahead of time, then stick them in clean plastic bags with a few paper towels to help with moisture. I have romaine and kale in there this week. This is good if you run out of salad and need more - but mostly I use it in smoothies for breakfast!

And because we always get curious looks at the grocery store when we get these, and maybe you were wondering from the above picture... Massive Juice Carrots:
Yes, that is a 25 pound bag of organic juicing carrots! And I am hoping that by posting that here, you all will help hold me and Dave accountable for USING them all! We often get about halfway through the bag before they go bad. But these carrots are amazing! They are bigger and juicer than normal carrots, so you don't have to sit and wash and peel dozens of carrots for one glass of juice. But they only sell them in this crazy big bag. So! We made it a goal to get through this bag! Check in on us to see how we're doing ;-)

"That concludes the tour of the ADDN Fridge. I hope you have enjoyed your visit. Please come again!" :)


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