Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I got busy!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe I have only posted ONCE this month! I appologize for not being more on top of things, but life has been busy!

I have been studying to become a Certified LEAP Therapist (a diet therapist for food sensitivities that may cause suffering for migraines, IBS-D, fibromyalgia, and a host of other problems), applying for a new job, planning a baby shower for my current job, and planning a lecture on organics and healthy - yet still tasty - foods for busy people. Yikes!

But I will try to get back on top of things here. After all, it IS spring time and the warm weather definitely turns me towards healthy, fresh foods - and many people become more concerned with swim suit season! I have noticed my gym getting frustratingly crowded at new hours...

So Hooray for home workouts! Videos are nice; I still have my eliptical machine; jogging outdoors gives me some peace; or I'm learning about "Primal Workouts" using stuff you have around. Much fun to watch - I'll post more on that as I get further in to it!

But let's look at the spring cleaning... how about cleaning up your house in a more healthy, earth-friendly manner?

That wonderful Enviromental Working Group that I enjoy so much has come out with a Healthy Home Checklist you can use! There is a lot of great information about getting chemicals out of your clothes, your cleaning, and your body! See where you feel comfortable making some tweaks! And keep up with trying to spring clean your diet and your body, too!

Happy cleaning!!


Get outside and get some clean air! ...if you can find it ;-)

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